ICT Strategy

Making IT better

ICT is all about improving the way an organisation works. Your ICT development should meet the needs of your organisation. Everyone and everything within the organisation needs to benefit.

Strategic ICT is about managing change successfully

New systems take time to bed-in, cost money, cause disruption and can cause chaos. That’s why you need to ensure careful management of the change process.

ICT Vision – why change?

In order to budget and predict a sure ‘return on investment’ across your organisation, you need to consider:

  • What will the impact be on your people?
  • Training – it’s no good if you don’t know how to use it
  • Technology – how will it change across hardware, software and infrastructure?
  • What does success look like? How will you know if your ICT is working?

Your strategy needs to be short and simple to understand. And everyone in the organisation must be able to follow it.

As part of your ICT process of change, you need to clearly articulate the benefits and be clear as to who will benefit. Every change must say what you want to do and why.

Sell the vision and manage the impact

We find the best way to implement ICT change is to build it in bite size chunks with a plan for the future. It’s important to engage other people in order to support and accommodate change.

Create your own future

Sound challenging? We’re experts in ICT Strategy and we know that working together always results in success. We’ll make sure that your ICT Strategy involves the smoothest possible transition so that your vision for the future becomes a smooth reality.

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