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Are you redesigning your IT service desk or embarking on an improvement plan?

Our ITSM assessment package will help you develop and implement an ITIL framework that aligns IT services with the needs of your business.

Through structured interviews, our experienced consultants will work with you to establish how your business is performing against ITSM objectives, and identify areas of weakness.

From there, we’ll develop a set of actions: Both quick wins and long-term strategies to radically enhance your service improvement programme.


The Process

Phase 1: Data Gathering

Before we can make recommendations, we need to understand your business. Our consultants will spend several days with your process owners, service desk managers, and IT representatives. We’ll use structured interviews and workshops with your selected representatives to assess your business processes and supporting technology When we’re done, we’ll have a full grasp of the way your IT is delivered and supported, as well as any issues being experienced.

Phase 2: ITSM Analysis and Rating

Once our data gathering is complete, we’ll analyse the information we’ve collected and produce a set of ratings. This is vital to gaining an accurate understanding of the effectiveness and maturity of your IT services, and will enable us to develop an adaptive ITSM framework that suits your business.

In order to establish the current state assessment for alignment and improvement of best practice such as ITIL, CIHS utilises a process maturity matrix against defined criteria allowing an accurate vision of what needs to be achieved. Typically, a process maturity matrix will result graded between 1 and 5 as defined below:

Level 1 – Initial

This is defined as having no documented processes, no process owners, no service level agreements and a very reactive support department.

Level 2 – Identified

This stage is defined as having a percentage of processes documented and assigned ownership with basic level of metrics to establish service levels.

Level 3 – Defined

This is where processes begin to play a larger part in the running of the organisation, at this stage the processes and their interfaces have been documented, there are assigned owners of each process, defined metrics are available for measuring service levels, roles and responsibilities have been defined within the process and the organisations and IT strategy and policy documents are available to the business.

Level 4 – Managed

At this point an organisation can state that they have a service culture established.  The business is actively utilising and improving on the existing service level agreements, the policy documents are in use and undergoes improvements through a structured change process and user and IT Service Desk satisfaction is considered and measured.

Level 5 – Optimised

This is the final level of maturity for an organisation and represents guaranteed service levels are being met and improved, a continual process improvement strategy is in place and active, metrics are in place to measure service availability and customer satisfaction and all IT activity is governed by the business requirements.

Phase 3: Executive Scorecard & Recommendations

This is where you see the results of all that hard work. By aggregating the information and analysis conducted so far, we’re able to produce your executive scorecards. These contain a rated list of disciplines, prioritised using a Red/Amber/Green (RAG) system, to quickly highlight areas for improvement. Our consultants then work with your business to develop a list of actions that support your strategic objectives by maximising the effectiveness of your technology roadmap.

Is this Relevant to My Business?

Our service is primarily aimed at businesses that are: Planning to adopt a best practice IT Service Management methodology. Redesigning internal IT systems such as service desks or inventory management toolsets. Embarking on an improvement programme for their existing service desk.

What’s Included?

On-site ITSM consultancy focussed on determining the relative strengths and improvements areas for your business. Bespoke management report indicating your current RAG ratings against industry standards. Recommendations report, detailing how to improve your ITSM configuration and address ratings listed in the management report. Recommendations plan, addressing quick wins as well as 3-6 month, 6-9 month and 9-12 month actions to achieve all highlighted objectives.

How Long Will It Take?

Approximately 5-6 days, depending on organisation size and disciplines to be covered.

What Will it Cost? 

The ITSM Assessment is a Fixed Price Service Package at £5,995

Where Do I Sign Up?

For more information, or to arrange an assessment please give us a call on 0203 1300296, or reach us by email at

Download full details of our ITSM Assessment Service Package here.

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Our ITSM assessment has been designed to help you develop and implement an ITIL framework that aligns IT services with the needs of your business. Our experienced consultants will work with you to establish how your business is performing against ITSM objectives, and identify both quick wins and long-term strategies to radically improve your Service Improvement Programme.