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CIH Solutions aim to provide you with informative White Papers, Top Tips and Webinars on the subjects of IT Service Management, ITIL and ISO/IEC20000. As independent consultants, we aim to offer impartial industry advice and guidance.  If there is a specific topic that you would like us to comment on – then please email us (Info@cihs.co.uk) and we would be delighted to publish an article on the topic of your choice!


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Improving IT Change to drive Business Value

White Paper

This White Paper looks at the relationship between Business Value and the IT Change Management process.  The paper looks at a number of improvements that can be introduced into the Change Management process to increase efficiency with the aim of reducing both risk and costs to service delivery, and hence drive more Business Value.

In addition the paper identifies four “hot spots” based on the author’s experience that outline common change management problems and suggests possible solutions.  Download your copy here.

The Enduring Myth of CMDB

White Paper

WP - CMDB - ImageThis White Paper discusses how a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) can be used as the basis of a Configuration Management System and be used to manage risk and control costs in an IT Service Management environment.

An in-depth white paper exploring the definition of CMDB, how to select a CMDB solution, how to populate it and especially how to make it work within a CMS.

It also looks at the role of a CMDB in two key ITIL processes – Change and Incident Management.  Download your copy here.

Knowledge Management within ITSM

White Paper

Knowledge Management within ITSM

*Finalist in the itSMF “Thought Leadership” Awards 2015*

This White Paper discusses how Knowledge Management (KM) can be used to manage risk and control costs in an IT Service Management environment.

The paper identifies four “hot spots” based on the author’s experience, outlines common problems and suggests solutions for using effective KM. Download your copy here.

Implementing ITIL successfully

 Top Tips
Implementing ITIL effectively

Well designed and well managed ITIL based service improvement initiatives will deliver significant benefits in any organisation. Here we provide you with guidance on 5 of the most common (and most damaging) pitfalls that should be avoided when undertaking an ITIL initiative.  Download pdf

5 Tips for using ITIL effectively

Top Tips

Using ITIL effectively

This article will be useful for those organisations that are yet to start using ITIL and also organisations that have used ITIL but are disappointed in the results. We provide you with 5 practical tips to ensure that you are able to avoid some of the more common pitfalls associated with using. Download pdf

4 Tips for Better SLAs

 Top Tips
4 Tips for Better SLAs

“Service Level Agreements are the cornerstone upon which effective IT Service Management is based, and they are central to building and maintaining a positive relationship between the user community and the IT Department”.

It is not possible to understate the benefits of good Service Level Agreements however, we rarely see good Service Level Agreements in practice.  Download pdf

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