ITSM Consultancy Services

ITSM Consultancy Services


Think differently.  See the change …

Here’s the concept of our IT Service Management. We look at your requirements first, then design service packages that fit around your needs. That’s how we deliver maximum benefit with minimal upheaval. Our standalone services can mix and match with other important offerings to transform your ITSM. Only in this way, you can build a focused Service Management process and see real KPI improvements.

Naturally all of our services match industry standards. And our consultants utilise best practice methodologies throughout

Needs Analysis

Feel safe. You’re in good hands

Our consultants are experienced and only utilise best practice methodologies.  We won’t just jump right in!

Your organisation is unique, yet you may share the same IT issues and challenges as others. Sometimes it can help to learn from other companies’ experiences. Whatever your concerns, we take the time to thoroughly understand your operational needs and aspirations, before we advise any change. Read More…

Cost Analysis

When cost is the issue

Does your business increasingly expect more from IT, yet your budget is often at a standstill or decreasing? Our Cost Analysis service can provide an in-depth look at your current spends and assess your future needs.

Then we can talk you through several options of how you can make long-term sustainable improvements to your IT as well as gain some ‘quick win’ results. Read More…



ICT Strategy

Making IT better

New systems take time to bed-in, cost money, cause disruption and can cause chaos. That’s why you need to ensure careful management of the change process.

In order to budget and predict a sure ‘return on investment’ across your organisation, you need to consider:
Read More…

Business Case Development

Keep moving. Keep evolving

Each time you make a change to your environment you put your business at risk. Yet every organisation has to make changes and keep evolving in order to keep pace with business requirements.

The challenge to IT is to minimise risk and the impact of change. Read more…

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We offer ITSM, ITIL, ISO/IEC20000 consultancy... but don't worry about that. Think about IT cost reductions, streamlined processes and great user experiences. We'll help your IT run like clockwork, so you can focus on what you do best.