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How To Chose an ITSM Solution… (And Get It Right First Time)

So you’re looking at ITSM vendors. You have visions of that perfect solution. The one that revolutionises your processes, saves time, reduces costs, and enables you to become ISO/IEC20000 compliant. But there’s a thought nagging in the back of your mind. You don’t believe an ITSM solution will fix all your problems, do you? And you’re right. It takes more than fancy software to get where you want to be. The truth is that if you want you want big benefits from your ITSM solution, you need to get your house in order first… And that’s where we come in.


The One Thing That Scuppers ITSM Solutions

When selecting an ITSM solution, most companies make the same mistake: Starting in the wrong place. You see, it might seem logical to set a budget, build a feature list, and decide which delivery model best fits your needs… But it just doesn’t work. It is simply wrong to assume a solution will perfectly fit your needs as they currently stand. Instead, start with an assessment of your existing ITSM processes, and make improvements where necessary. You’ll not only find the job of selecting a solution much simpler, you’ll also dramatically improve your long-term experience. At CIH Solutions, we can help you to choose an ITSM solution that fits your desired processes, instead of rolling out-dated working practices into your new toolset.


Addressing Your Shortcomings

Before we can help you prepare for your ITSM solution, we need to understand your business. We’ll use structured interviews with your process owners, service desk managers and IT representatives to assess your business processes and supporting technology. Once our data gathering is complete we’ll rate each area of your ITSM, and use these to develop an adaptive ITSM framework that suits your business. You’ll receive an executive scorecard highlighting areas for improvement using a Red/Amber/Green (RAG) system, and we’ll work with you to develop a recommendations plan addressing quick wins as well as 3-6 month, 6-9 month, and 9-12 month actions to support your strategic objectives.


Your ITSM Solution Shortlist

At the end of the day, you still need an ITSM solution. But there are lots to choose from, and it’s incredibly difficult to see through the haze of buzzwords, empty promises and hyperbole spouted by the slick salespeople from each vendor. Thankfully, we’re more than used to this environment. Once our on-site consultancy is complete, and you’re busy following our plan, we’ll recommend up to five ITSM solutions that match your requirements. We take into account:

  • Process and software integrations
  • Licensing and hosting options
  • ISO/IEC20000 compliance
  • Vendors’ value as a partner

We’ll even conduct a third-party relationship review of your preferred vendor, contract, and SLA, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.


Getting ITSM Right First Time

An ITSM solution isn’t a magic bullet. But with the right preparation, and the right solution, you can revolutionise your ITSM approach. If you’re planning to implement an ITSM solution in the next year, now is the time to start optimising your processes. To discuss your needs, get in touch by email (, or give us a call on 0203 130 0296.

CIH Solutions are a leading independent consultancy offering tailor made IT service management, ITIL best practice, and ISO/IEC20000 solutions. We take pride in our long-term client relationships and ability to solve your individual problems.


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At CIH Solutions, we help organisations to choose an ITSM solution that fits the business needs. We provide a review of processes and a full GAP analysis before embarking on the short list of available solutions.