CMDB Pro for Cherwell

Organisations are often challenged with the ability to reconcile data between multiple business functions such as IT Services, Operations and Asset Management, as the data is often held in multiple discovery tools, databases, (and in some instances excel spreadsheets). This presents the challenge of being able to easily identify duplicate/missing CIs as well as hold complete/accurate data on each asset.  

Customer Challenge

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The CMDB Staging functionality developed by CIHS, provides methods for importing and managing assets & Configuration Items (CIs). It allows Change and Configuration Managers total visibility of changes to high importance CIs to be validated and checked against planned changes. It also highlights the modification of assets against unauthorised changes.

The tools comes with the added functionality of bulk importing newly created CIs with baseline details to which additional changes are measured against. Additionally, the record manager can control which fields within each CI type are monitored in order to ascertain data completeness.

Workflow in action


  • Benchmark your current CMDB with a Baseline Version

  • Staging Area provides a high-level overview of the current assets within your CMDB - Assets that have been imported and identified as changed or new

  • Alerts displayed on fields where there is a mismatch

  • Individually or bulk Accept/Deny Changes to records

  • Schedule updates can be can run in the background allowing you to continue working on the system

  • Email can be sent when a scheduled updated has been completed

  • Data Completeness Dashboard which displays a clear indication of what data is missing from the CMDB


  • Simple, elegant solutions that bring immediate benefits and a return on decision to invest

  • CMDB Data Completeness overview

  • High level relationship mapping between CIs

  • Enhanced change history to a granular level

  • CI version comparison

  • Detailed CI Control for Change Management

  • Reduced staffing costs and human error

  • Single source of Images/Description which aids correct classification

Workflow Pro includes a comprehensive set of dashboard metrics which make it easy to measure completion times for your service delivery activities. You'll have visibility of quality issues and anomalies on delivery times even down to the individual workflow stages. 

Decision points have the flexibility to evaluate next steps based on data collected across the entire workflow. They can even be used to send email templates or trigger integrations with other services. 

Where "four-eyes" are required for quality assurance, the Buddy Check function ensures workflow stages are reviewed before the process can progress. 

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