Most frequent requests

Customer Challenge

One of the most important factors in increasing the adoption rate of a Self-Service Portal is providing the customer an easier method of raising tickets than the conventional means of email or phone.

Product Value

Often a large percentage of the IT departments tickets is made up of a small percentage of request types: access to a widely used application, folder access, mailbox access etc. By providing users access to the most common request types, you can cut down on the time a customer needs to spend logging a ticket providing a higher chance of Self-Service Portal adoption and an all round better user experience.

As the Most Frequent Requests are data driven you can change the options available based on current trends: Most popular requests this week, most popular requests this month or even currently open Problems/Known Errors/Major Incidents. The easier you can make your Self-Service Portal to use, the more your customers will use it.



  • Available for On-Premise or SaaS
  • Entirely data driven
  • Extends on the out of the box content for Self-Service navigation
  • For MSP customers, the option can be turned on and off depending on the customer and each customer can have their own most frequent requests list

  • Implements directly with existing Service Catalogue

  • Mirrors the look/feel of the existing portal configuration




  • Increased Self-Service Portal adoption/satisfaction

  • Better user experience

  • Reduces need to search across the entire Service Catalogue

  • Positive impact on an organization’s productivity and IT customer satisfaction

  • Quicker access to more frequently used requests, saving valuable time across business resources

  • Allows you to promote new request types and/or new features of the portal

  • Images/Description are used to help guide the customer to the correct classification

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