Workflow Pro for Cherwell

Business Processes are often tricky to define. But the hardest part is being sure your staff are following those processes, and if not, why not?


This is not just the case for more complex processes either, in an internal review carried out with one of our customers, we found that even the simple request for access to a distribution list, was delivered in four different ways across five identical requests.


Workflow Pro embeds your business processes within your ITSM toolset to guarantee consistency and quality. 

Customer Challenge

Joiner Process - Large.png


Even a relatively large process like the New Starter process (above) can be broken down into discrete stages.


These stages typically require activities such as data population, internal/external communications and actions both in IT systems and in the physical world. Once each stage is complete, the workflow is able to progress to the next stage(s) determined by decision points based on the available data. 

With your business processes clearly defined and an integral part of your Service Management tool, you can be confident that processes are being followed correctly and in a timely manner. 

Workflow in action


  • Communicate clear, timely and relevant information throughout your processes with decision-based, dynamic email templates

  • Limitless extendibility

  • Data-driven decision making - no need for hard-coded logic in One-Steps or Automation Processes

  • Buddy Check for "four eyes" verification

  • Works with any business object - Incident, Request, Change, HR Case, etc. 

  • Integrates with your existing Specifics forms


  • Bring new staff up to speed on business processes quickly

  • Instant ROI

  • Reduce the risk of costly process breaches

  • Improve delivery times

  • Improve customer experience by enabling staff to understand and communicate the delivery process

  • Create CSI opportunities based on data-driven decisions

  • Replace Excel trackers and charts

Workflow Pro includes a comprehensive set of dashboard metrics which make it easy to measure completion times for your service delivery activities. You'll have visibility of quality issues and anomalies on delivery times even down to the individual workflow stages. 

Decision points have the flexibility to evaluate next steps based on data collected across the entire workflow. They can even be used to send email templates or trigger integrations with other services. 

Where "four-eyes" are required for quality assurance, the Buddy Check function ensures workflow stages are reviewed before the process can progress. 

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