If you’re a Cherwell user, we’ve just made things easier.

CIHS has joined up with Cherwell development specialists RiSE Service Management. It means we can provide Cherwell Service Management more efficiently, more quickly and at less cost.


What does this mean for you?

As a result of the acquisition, we can now:

  • Configure, customise and develop your Cherwell environment fully in-house.
  • Provide strategic consultancy and quickly follow up with full technical implementation.
  • Deliver more cost-effective administrative support, available by the hour, with no need for expensive outsourced consultancy.

RiSE Service Management has been delivering “beyond IT” ERP since 2011. They are ideally placed to provide the extra resources and expertise we needed to continue as a major player in Cherwell Services Management market.

We’re pleased to say the advantages work both ways. This is what Valentino Semeria, Founder of RiSE Service Management, had to say about the merger:

“We knew we’d found the perfect match with CIHS. The depth and breadth of knowledge they have is astounding. I’d go so far as to say they are as good at ITSM as we are at Cherwell development”

In some ways nothing has changed. CIHS will continue offering flexible, tailored ITSM solutions to simplify and streamline your organisational processes. However, with the additional resources of RiSE we can remove the technical complexities of putting those improvements in place.


But it gets better…

When you need expert help or guidance, you’ll find that our administrative support for Cherwell Service Management has become quicker and more efficient.

It has also become significantly cheaper. CIHS are the only company in the market to provide an hourly-based administrative and support service. Rather than paying an expensive daily rate for other external consultants, you’ll only pay for the support you need from CIHS. For Cherwell users, this is a game changer.

As Chris Hodder, Founder and Director of CIHS puts it:

“We were already delivering substantial projects to Cherwell customers. RiSE provides us with the extra resources and technical capabilities we need to continue on our path to become a major player in the Cherwell Services Management market.”


For more information, contact CIHS on 0203 130 0296 or email info@itsmconsultancy.co.uk

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