Tasks and task templates are a powerful feature of CSM, and even though they support dependencies our customers still found it a challenge to work when it comes down to pure triggered workflow. We felt they wanted a more personalised experience of achieving “If this then do that, otherwise do something different”.  Then do it over and over again until the complete process is satisfied. 


CIHS’s Workflow Pro solution turns business flowcharts into actionable processes and workflow units within a single pane of glass. Simple, lightweight and intuitive, Workflow Pro delivers a step-by-step presentation for the user to understand exactly what has been done and what to do next. The results are job satisfaction for employees and managers delighted at the overall productivity and clarity of reporting.


  • Purpose built workflows for IT, HRSM and other Enterprise Service Management workflows
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting
  • Communicate directly from within the toolset with dynamic email templates
  • Limitless extendibility and scalability
  • Low configuration requirements provide quick adaptation to new or changed processes
  • Buddy Check feature available


  • Replace excel trackers and charts
  • High levels of employee satisfaction through as tailored workload experience
  • Improve workload throughput and visibility
  • Fast performance due to a lightweight overhead on network and system requirements


With CIHS’s Workflow Pro Solution, You Can:


Standardise “the way we do things around here”

Operational efficiency boils down efficient systems and processes. Having the system perform much of the hard work in a controlled manner ensures that processes are followed correctly and efficiently.

Modernise workflow and user experience  

Intuitive steps and system feedback propel user experience to deliver fast execution and high accuracy of workflow output.

Reduce Training requirements

The Workflow Pro standard process sets elevate the execution power of current employees, and drastically reduces organisational process training requirements of new employees.

Maximise unlimited ROI

Using Workflow Pro for your IT or HR process brings instant ROI from a cost-effective solution providing workflow efficiency. With the Workflow Pro engine already installed, additional process workflows can be seamlessly added bringing additional return for less investment, and further increasing ROI.


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