Admit it, your asset registers are a mess…

You have dozens of spreadsheets and numerous databases, each filled with different headers, incomplete data, and duplicate records. Perhaps you’ve even tried to combine them in the past, but the task just seemed too big. You’re not alone. Many local authorities, NHS trusts and MSPs are faced with exactly the same problem. It’s a common problem, and one we’ve solved many times over with bespoke work.  Now we’ve decided it’s time for a more widely available solution.

Overcoming The Biggest CMDB Barrier to Entry

The trouble with CMDBs is that they’re only as good as the information you put into them. Of course, when you purchase a vendor-built CMDB, this step is left firmly up to you. So how do you move your data from its many existing sources into a single, standardised location? That’s where our solution, Data NoVa (Data Normalisation & Validation) comes in. A task that would take your team weeks to complete manually becomes a few short minutes of waiting.  Yes, we know your data is in 30+ locations. We know it’s not “normalised”.  We even know it’s not all there. And we really can help.

Merge Your Asset Registers (And More) While the Kettle Boils

Of course, we wanted our solution to do more than just merge your asset registers.  Our clients came to us with a problem, and we wanted to solve it to the very best of our ability.  So that’s what we built… and it worked so well we wanted to give everyone a chance to use it. So if you want to…

  • Easily create your master field list Map non-standard sources to a single, unified format
  • Combine asset data from disparate sources
  • Locate and merge duplicate records
  • Create custom field data from scratch, or by merging fields
  • Monitor & report on the quality of your data
  • Browse, search & report on your newly merged asset register
  • Or even verify the data quality of your existing CMDB

… You’re in the right place.

DIY or Managed Service: It’s Your Choice

If this is just what you needed to finally tame your asset registers, that’s great.  We’re confident you’ll find it a breeze. But just in case your project teams are running at full capacity, or you’re still feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got the solution. Through our monthly and quarterly managed services, we can undertake the whole process on your behalf.  We can even help you identify and resolve data quality issues. And you can’t say fairer than that.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Take Our Word For It

We appreciate that we’re making some outrageous claims here. We’ve seen clients merge their asset registers manually, and it’s not pretty. So the last thing we’d want is for you to just take it on faith that we have the solution.  Let us show you how we can help.

CMDB Data NoVa utility
Data NoVa CMDB Utility
CMDB Design
CMDB Data Import
CMDB Field Mapping
CMDB Source Preview

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