As one of Cherwell’s longest running partners CIHS have a huge number of consultancy and configuration engagements successfully complete.

Here’s what ensures:

Roadmap – We provide you with a clear plan of action which shows how we’ll help you achieve your goals.


Implementation approach – Our implementation methodology has been proven over countless projects.

Flexible delivery methods – We work with you, delivering regular work packages which align to your roadmap and support speedy, seamless deployment.


Ready-made “Maturity Accelerator mApps” – Our pre-built catalogue of solutions  will give you a leg-up on your journey without needing 100% bespoke customisation work. (See our mApps) for a small selection of what’s available)


Focus on Integration and Automation – We’ll help you streamline and standardise your processes by identifying where you can integrate with other business systems and complementary technologies to automate time-consuming processes.


Virtual Administration – We’ll provide your system administrators with direct access to our experienced Cherwell consultants on an hourly basis, so that you can continue to get the best out of your Cherwell implementation long after the initial go-live phase is complete.