DRYiCE iAutomate

Today, IT function plays a very crucial role for an enterprise in ensuring the availability of critical IT and business services, to avoid any financial impact, both in terms of revenue and cost. But IT teams find it difficult to identify and proactively respond to issues due to heterogeneous tools and technologies and increasing complexity of enterprise data centres. In particular, systems are currently facing unprecedented loads leading to a spike in IT-related issues, while employees are still trying to settle in the New Normal.


This poses an imminent risk to the business services, and its mitigation is a challenge faced by every CIO. 

A significant volume of these issues are repetitive, recurring, and mundane and require substantial human effort, multiple employees for resolving a single issue. This has a direct impact on the efficiency of the bottom-line and the employees, necessitating the invention of new approaches that can lead to a resilient enterprise.

Free Analysis with CIHS

We understand that the subject of automation is a big area and can be daunting, as such we’ve put together a Free assessment offering which will allow us to establish where your best gains for automation will be based on a real world analysis of your current call volumes and call types.