The Service Management Virtual Agent

Kia Virtual Agent is the colleague you've been looking for. 


Working with your existing Service Management solutions, Kia lets your employees and customers interact with your support services from their familiar Teams, Slack or web chat channels without utilising the valuable time of your support staff. 


Plays well with others

Kia currently integrates with a number of IT Service Management tools; ServiceNow, Cherwell, Jira and 4me.


Kia even integrates with multiple tools in the same instance, integrating with all the systems it needs to, to provide a seamless experience for your employees or customers

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Demonstration of natural language processing in Virtual Agent

Natural language processing

No need for 'Chatbot'-style pre-programmed trigger phrases. Kia recognises and learns natural language

AI Learning

Kia is always learning from the constantly evolving topics of conversation it engages in. 

Virtual Agent Chat - Machine Learning
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Omni Channel

Connect to where your employees and customers already are. Kia can be embedded into your portal and is natively available through Teams and Slack. Ensuring 24x7 support wherever it may be needed. 

Multi Language

Kia supports multiple languages, currently including: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and many more. 

Multi language virtual agent. German, Spanish, English.
Virtual Agent Dashboard KPI Metrics

Reporting and Dashboards

The powerful reporting options allow you to be in control of  how Kia is performing for you. 

Dozens of Instant Topics

Built by Service Management experts, Kia includes dozens of topics from querying payroll, knowledge search, requesting status updates, service status information and even adding individuals to an outage, all while fully integrated into your Service Management toolsets.



User Experience

Provide better self-service. Help customers and employees get what they need quickly with always-on, omni-channel experiences.

Empower Service Owners

Enable service owners to deliver and refine AI capabilities fast–without data science expertise.

Return on Investment

Every chat managed by Kia is the most cost effective way of interacting with employee's or customers across the widest range of subjects. 

Leverage Existing Toolsets

Existing tools such as Teams and Slack provide the user experience with no need to deploy a new application-specific Virtual Agent.

Service Desk Experience

Deflect tickets, reduce call volumes, and automate common requests to deliver great service experiences.

24x7 Support

Available 24x7x365 Kia can provide answers to employee's and customers, now your Service Teams are never closed. 



How is KIA deployed?

A Kia app is provided for your Office 365 administrator to publish to your users. The users can then add the app directly from Teams as a new channel and starting chatting with Kia straight away.

Can Kia work for other support functions such as HR, Finance or Facilities?

Because Kia is designed to be driven by data in your service management tool it can provide support on anything you give it access to. Similarly, it can raise requests for any topic you have in your system. You don't necessarily need one instance of Kia for each support function either, Kia can work with multiple teams and any number of business systems simultaneously.

What if I don't have a service management system?

If you don't currently have a respository of knowledge, that won't prevent you getting benefits from Kia, it can work as a standalone product too. If you're on the lookout for a service management system for your organisation, contact our sister organsiation at who would be happy to talk you through a few options.

Is my organisation ready for AI?

You don't need to undestand the nuts and bolts of machine learning to reap the benefits. The hard work has already been done, Kia will help you get the most out of the business systems and data you already have.

How do we make Kia do more?

We've already implemented a large number of use cases in Kia and our philosophy is to keep everything as data-driven as possible. To make Kia more effective, all you have to do is give it input - more input!

Can KIA integrate with 'X'?

Kia integrates with any system which has an API. It can also pull data directly from databases if necessary. Specific use cases may require configuration on our part, but that doesn't mean it's going to be difficult, so just get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Why Kia?

The team behind Kia have been involved in around 200 service management system implementations since 2007, covering all business areas across industries such as finance, public sector, construction, retail, managed service providers and education. Because service management is at our core, we understand the challenges that organisations face and developed Kia to solve many of them.

Is Kia secure?

Kia runs on a secure, high availability SaaS platform. Any integrations we implement are completed with security a primary focus. Depending on your chosen delivery channels, end-user validation can be performed in one of many ways. Microsoft Teams is a good example where where security is already handled by your own internal systems. In Teams Kia knows who it's speaking to and what data that person should have access to. With web-chat, there are a number of other ways to identify who an end user is and what data they should have access to, but please get in touch so we can talk through how this will work for your specific case.

What happens if Kia can't help?

Kia keeps track of conversations which don't have a successful outcome, so you'll get regular metrics showing where improvements can be made to the support functions that Kia has access to. In the event of an unsuccessul outcome, Kia gives the end user the option of being handed over to one of your available service desk agents, who can provide more specialist support. Kia will also log and assign a ticket to that agent for them to record the outcome of the conversation and tie in with your existing support processes.