We know that tremendous business value can be realised quickly through the use of Cherwell’s mApp technology, accelerating your implementation at a fraction of the cost of bespoke development, even when delivered internally. 

mApps and Integrations


The CMDB Pro mApp adds staging functionality to your Cherwell CMDB, providing methods for importing and managing assets and configuration items (CIs).

It also gives Change and Configuration Managers total visibility of changes to high importance CIs, which can then be reconciled against planned changes.

ITSM Dashboard Suite Pro

Dashboards are the perfect vehicles for representing, in a user-friendly way, the complex data and configuration items that sit behind your Cherwell implementation.

ITSM Dashboard Suite Pro takes the hard work out of this by delivering a package of pre-defined dashboards to meet your needs.

HRSM Dashboard Suite Pro

Our Self-Service Portal is smart enough to know when to draw your attention to new notifications.

This intelligent service status page will only notify the logged-in user if there’s something important that they’ve not already seen.

Workflow Pro

Our Workflow Pro solution turns business flowcharts into actionable processes and workflow units within a single pane of glass. Simple, lightweight and intuitive, Workflow Pro delivers a step-by-step presentation for users, showing exactly what has been done and what needs doing next.

HRSM Dashboard Suite Pro

Our experience is unbeatable when it comes to delivering and imagining the very best HRSM experience within the Cherwell Enterprise Service Management space. 

The work that goes into these developments is clear when you see the output represented as dashboard reports. Our HRSM Dashboard Suite offers the latest in Cherwell dashboard content management for the HR industry and optimises the benefits of a well-designed HRSM environment. 

Most Frequent Requests

One of the most important factors in increasing the adoption rate of a Self-Service Portal is making it easier for users to raise tickets online than it is to do so by phone or email.

Our experience shows that users are quick to abandon self-service options if they encounter difficulties in finding what they are looking for.

Providing quick links to the most frequent requests creates a quicker and smoother experience for users and encourages them to keep coming back.

Enhanced Product Catalogue

Customers expect to be able to browse hardware and software products in an intuitive, attractive self-service interface.

Our Enhanced Product Catalogue makes the task of selecting items for purchase a breeze, allowing users to browse quickly through photographs and product specifications without having to select each item individually.

Portal Bubble Badges

During incidents and service outages, keeping users informed about issues and providing them with frequent status updates is essential.

Using ‘Bubble Badges’ this mApp allows you to add bubbles to any area of the portal, displaying new information to users in a familiar format and providing a more interactive portal experience. 


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IT Operational

Maturity / Efficiency

IT Service Management


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