DRYiCE OptiBot

The modern workplace has seen dramatic changes and has progressed from a distribution model to an enabling model owing to increasing device flexibility, real-time connectivity, enhanced workplace mobility, and workplace automation. However, IT struggles with several roadblocks like difficulty in adoption rate of new systems by end users and inability to monitor end-user devices given the complex nature of work environment. In addition, there are problems resolving complaints about system failures and falling CSAT scores that impact the end user experience.


The answer to these challenges lies in workplace management solutions which optimize workplace productivity and enable employees to focus on high value tasks. DRYiCE OptiBot (OptiBot), an employee enablement and workplace optimization software, addresses these workplace environment problems by focusing on enhancing UX, making work life simpler, and reducing the burden on IT. OptiBot minimizes calls to the IT support function by preemptively resolving various commonly occurring system or application issues through unassisted automation, delivering a unique OptiBot feature we refer to as “Sense Heal”. OptiBot consists of five modules - Healing, Knowledge, Reset, App, and Live. It is also bundled with a Behavior Change Management program designed and developed for millennials to improve their efficiency, adoption rate, and overall workplace satisfaction.

Free Analysis with CIHS

We understand that the subject of automation is a big area and can be daunting, as such we’ve put together a Free assessment offering which will allow us to establish where your best gains for automation will be based on a real world analysis of your current call volumes and call types.