Out Of Office mApp

SLAs can be impossible to meet if your Service Desk staff aren't vigilant in keeping track of their colleague's presence. This is a familiar challenge for many remote workers today. 

Although it's common practice to set an out of office message in Outlook when going on annual leave, many Service Desk users forget that they should also set their out-of-office dates within Cherwell. Without these absence dates being set, tickets can be unwittingly assigned to absent staff members, causing SLA breaches and, of course, a stack of breached tickets for the assignee to address on their return. 

Customer Challenge


By utilising our Out of Office Sync mApp, it's possible to seamlessly populate your staff's absence dates in Cherwell from their Automatic Replies configuration in Outlook.


With this key piece of information available, Cherwell will notify users if they're attempting to assign a ticket to an absent colleague.



Available for Cherwell users either On-Premise or SaaS, requires Azure AD.


  • Available for On-Premise or SaaS Cherwell customers

  • Data is seamlessly pulled from AD

  • Updates to 'time-off' dates can be scheduled as frequently as required.


  • Reduction of SLA breaches

  • Better customer experience

  • No need for staff to re-key their absence dates in multiple systems

  • Gives staff confidence that they're assigning to active colleagues

Download the Out Of Office mApp for free here as part of our Christmas gift for you and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing and restful time with your loved ones. 

All the best for you and your family - CIH Solutions team.

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