Although it's common practice to set an out of office message in Outlook when going on annual leave, many Service Desk users forget that they should also set their out-of-office dates within Cherwell. Why not set it once in Outlook and have our Out of Office Sync take care of updating Cherwell?

The out of office mApp will be available to download for free until the 31st of January!

Customer challenge

Organisations live and die by SLAs, which can be impossible to hit if you are unaware of the presence of your agents or a member of staff takes annual leave without reassigning their open tickets. It is common practice to set an out of office when going on annual leave, however, it is not common practice to ensure your out of office is also set within Cherwell which can lead to tickets being incorrectly assigned and poorly managed.


Product value

By utilising the Out of Office mApp you can automatically populate users ‘time-off’ dates directly from their automatic replies setting in outlook. With this additional data available you can notify users when they have assigned a ticket to somebody who is not available. You are also able to notify line managers about tickets that are assigned to out of office agents, highlighting any tickets that will breach SLA before the agent is due back into work.



  • Available for On-Premise or SaaS

  • Data is pulled from outlook so no need for manual input

  • Updates to ‘time-off’ dates can be done as frequently or infrequently as you need


Reduction of SLA breaches

Better customer experience

Proactive team management

Promotes positive habits for agents





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