Service Catalogue Shortcuts for Cherwell v10.x

I recently released a piece of our internal documentation showing how we implement Service Catalogue shortcuts in Cherwell Service Management v9.x.

We've been asked if the same thing is possible in v10.x - It is, it's just implemented slightly differently.

In Cherwell Service Management v10.x, the Cards with Search Action Catalogue has been reworked, so a few changes were required to our solution. We've also slightly modified how the details of the Subcategory are displayed at the Category level to prevent the text from being truncated.

Service Catalogue Shortcuts

If you're unfamiliar with the idea of Sevice Catalogue Shortcuts, this customisation enhances the Self Sevice experience by taking the users directly to a Specifics form from the Category level, but only if there is only one Subcategory beneath it - Since there is no choice, there is no need for them drill down before selecting it.

Out-of-the-box behaviour

Behaviour with the Service Catalogue Shortcuts customisation applied

There's a little bit more to it than that though.

Now that the number of Service Catalogue layers can vary from page to page, we've added a few label and formatting changes to make sure the end-users can always see whether they're heading to a subcategory level or a request form. But once you've seen how it's done in the PDF below, you'll be able to decide how best to implement it for your organisation.

And of course, if you have any specific requirements which you're not sure how best to implement, just get in touch.

Link to PDF

Details of how the customisation is applied and how it all fits together are detailed in the PDF, which is available here >>

Click here to go to the download page


The possibilities provided by the Cards with Search Action Catalogue has barely been tapped. Particularly when it comes to creating different layouts or using it for functions other than the Service Catalogue. We have configurations and customisations which utilise this powerful feature for Product Catalogues, Service Status Pages and more, which I'll be writing about in future blog posts.

Customised, more modern Service Catalogue view

Service Status Page

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